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Your vehicle’s exhaust system is particularly affected by the outside environment and gets worn out. Being exposed to stones, dirt, snow, salt and other many road hazards, the wear and tear is inevitable. The exhaust system also prevents harmful emissions from escaping into the environment and improves performance of your vehicle while reducing noise.

The exhaust in a vehicle has three main functions: Components of the exhaust system:

Out of these parts, the most expensive are the Catalytic Converter and the Oxygen sensor. The gas analyzer sends messages to the central computer, while the catalytic converter burns toxic nitrogen oxides. Without regular maintenance, these two components will stop working to the optimum level which in turn, can cause expensive repairs.

Indications of a faulty Exhaust: Give us a call today at Johns United Auto Clinic in Mississauga so we can evaluate your vehicle. Getting the exhaust checked sooner than later will save you money in the long run!