Classics Gallery

At Johns United Auto Clinic we work on all makes and models, new and old. But classic cars are what we grew up with and what we dreamed about as kids, and they are still a core passion of ours. We've had the chance to help in rebuilding, restoring and tuning-up many beautiful and rare classics from Ford, Chevy, and Chrysler.

When it comes to working on classic cars, extra attention to detail is required. New replacement parts aren't always available, so extra care is taken to preserve the car's condition. In many cases when an old part needed replacing but was no longer available, we've been able to rebuild the part, or fabricate or adapt similar parts from another model. No matter what work we perform, we make every effort to ensure that our work has an original factory look. Shawn has been involved in the performance segment for the last 32 years plus.

We can handle performance upgrades from bolt on to custom. Some of the services listed below.

  • Bolt on upgrades to full performance engines.
  • Ls engine swaps.
  • Full suspension upgrades.
  • Complete braking systems,4 wheel disc conversions.
  • Custom engine cooling systems.
  • Fuel systems.
  • Vintage air & installation
  • Carburetor installation and tuning.


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